Mmmm, Flakes

We’re bracing for a gigantic snowstorm. 8-12 inches in one day is like three feet in Minnesota. They’ve cancelled church, which never ever happens. I think I’ve had church cancelled on me maybe three times in my entire life, and once was because we weren’t allowed to leave the base to attend (I was five and Germany was a little crazy with Iranian terrorists at the time). I’m relieved we’re worried about an act of nature, and not madmen. I can deal with snow. Snow is predictable. Snow falls, lands and accumulates. Terrorists plan, skulk, threaten, surprise.

Someone said today that snow’s the best thing that could have happened this weekend. Snow mutes everything: sound, fire, chemical and biological agents, and even dirty bombs. So, whoever’s responsible for all this snow, thanks.

Valentine’s En Francais

We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I took the day off, so we had all day to be all romantical. I went and got a haircut in the morning, because I was dang unsexy with my mess of hair. Cynthia did her normal excellent work, maximizing the head of hair given to her. I looked rather smashing coming out of the salon, let me tell you. Then, I went and picked up some flowers for Jen and surprised her with them when I got home. We bundled Max up, stuffed him in the car and dropped him of at my mom’s house for the night. We then drove out to Leesburg to try out The Eiffel Tower Cafe (official site | Digital Cities info and user reviews). If you live in the area, and haven’t had French food in a while, definitely try it out.

We started with French Onion soup and Escargot. The French Onion Soup was excellent. They used gruyere cheese, which tipped me off right away that we were in the right place. Most places substitute the traditional gruyere with swiss or provolone. The bread underneath the cheese was excellent and kept it’s shape in the bowl. Once it cooled off a little, it was pretty much perfect. The escargot, which I only remember having once before was OK, but a little too salty for me (and Jen too). Jen got the Filet Mignon with truffle cream sauce. I got the Salmon sautéed with bacon and lentils. As soon as my food got to the table, I was overcome with the heavenly smell of perfectly grilled thick-cut bacon and savory lentils in a light cheese sauce. The salmon underneath the bacon was perfect, and the bacon matched extremely well. The lentils, which I’ve only had in soups and my mom’s evil “Let’s swap lentils into the cookies and see if anyone notices” chocolate chip cookies, were great. They had a slightly nutty flavor and a soft, but grainy texture that went well with the firm flesh of the salmon filet. The truffle cream sauce on Jen’s perfectly finished filet was to die for. It wasn’t too thick, and had just the right amount of truffle flavor to compliment the meat. For dessert, Jen had the two-chocolate mousse – a combination of white and milk chocolate mousses. The bite I had was very good, not too chocolately as to make your eyes roll back in your head, but enough to know it was high quality. I got the orange créme brulée, because I’m a sucker for the crunchy sugar topping. Although the créme part was yummy, there wasn’t enough brulée. The crust was too thin for my taste. The meal overall was excellent and I would suggest this place for anyone who wants a romantic and quiet setting for a relaxed and leisurely meal. We were there for over two hours and had plenty of time between courses to let thing settle, and to talk. We never felt rushed, and had a great time.

Unfortunately, my poor body isn’t used to all that rich food and revolted shortly after we got home. I’m not sure which part of the meal it was that did it, and I’m sure it wasn’t food poisoning, but let’s just say I had a rather turbulent Valentine’s Day evening.

We ended up watching The Bourne Identity in between my runs up and down the stairs. I ended up going to bed early, completely exhausted by my ordeal.

Hopefully lunch made up for my indisposed condition…