2 thoughts on “Die, Pins, Die!!”

  1. geesh, I hate computers!!! I wrote a long response to jen’s blog yesterday and I don’t see it here!! :(
    I’ll keep this one short! I was saying…. I laughed at Jen’s reference to the aunt who needed to be called when Princess Diana died. (sniff, sniff) I appreciated Jen checking. Love you doll!
    Also, when are ya’ll coming to Tucson? Miss you guys…. also, wanted to say that Lauren has your engagement picture on her bulletin board in her room. I commented that she didn’t have a picture of me but she has lots of you guys!!! :)
    Lastly, Lute is getting married in April. And she is from/ or at least lives in PA!
    Send pics soon! Love and miss you all…
    Auntie M

  2. We love Lauren too. We were in the Barbie aisle of a toy store the other day and I thought nostalgically of her and our days together….
    Maybe Lute was too busy looking forward to the honeymoon to coach properly??? Naaaaaaaa…..

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