4 thoughts on “Announcing Something Crazy”

  1. Interesting… You just said exactly what I think as well. I don’t fall in any political party line. I’m not a die hard anything. I believe in what is right. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.

  2. “Since I’m not a terribly smart guy..”
    What?! The idea of a public political forum for the “silent majority” or at least the mojority that doesn’t yell as loud as the now, I belive, corrupt political left/right. This is pure genious, I would like to know if there is anything I can do to help out. Im not terrible good at computers, but I happen to consider my self an adequate writer. If you need any help, or a well written encouragment, just ask.

  3. I enjoy reading your musings from time to time. This new project sounds like something I will want to be a part of. I completely sympathize with your predicament. Living in Utah I am a heathen liberal and living in the real world I am a establishmentized conservative. This Sybil like political outlook makes it very difficult to find like-minded folks to chew things over with: I almost always disagree on some level and most people are not comfortable when they don’t have a solid consistent argument. My suggestion for the site would be just that, provide a place where I can spout off, questioned and then feel OK changing my position w/o appearing to be wishy-washy. Good Luck, I look forward to your launch.

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