Saying “I’m Sorry”

How can you be asked point blank by a journalist if you feel any personal responsibility for the 9/11 attacks and completely dodge the question? Answer the question, Mr. President We’ve heard everything you’ve said before, and it’s getting old. Your press conference was the same stammering excuses with no real answers.

Mr. President, you were asked at least three times if you feel any responsibility, would offer any apology to the country for 9/11. You refused to do either, and changed the subject every time. You were asked what to name a mistake you’ve made since 9/11. You couldn’t even do that. How dare you. Janet Reno, Richard Clarke and even President Clinton have publicly taken their share of the responsibility for not stopping the attacks. None of them were on the case, or in charge on that day. Your National Security Advisor, and every member of your Administration has also refused. I’m sure it’s for your own political interests. If so, you are worse than callous. You were in charge. You have a plaque on your desk that says “the buck stops here.” You have done nothing but dodge the buck during your press conference, and during your term as President. You, our law enforcement agencies, our intelligence, and your Administration failed us. You are the leader (repeat leader) of our nation. If anyone owes us an apology, it’s you.

I am tired of your Administration’s absolute refusal to take any responsibility for your actions. You are not a cowboy. You are not a CEO. You are the President of the United States of America, and you are in charge. Take responsibility for it.