7 thoughts on “Saying “I’m Sorry””

  1. I am not sure he is completely responsible, though he may owe us an appology for part of this… think about it, Clinton and all the presidents before him knew that somewhere in the world there were people against america. On Clintons watch there was a bombing of the wtc and then somalia and etc… so it isnt all Bush, but he does need to spine up and accept part of the responsibility…

  2. I don’t think he’s the only one responsible. There were mistakes made at all levels of government. My point is that he refuses to take any responsibility, when it’s obvious to me that he shares a good deal of it. He was in charge when it happened. Fair or not, that makes it his responsibility.

  3. As much as I would LOVE to see Bush stand up on national television and say, “I am sorry for 9/11″ It is not his fault. Theirs this man with a little group of friends, goes by the name, Osama Bin Laden, maybe you’ve heard of him. Neer as I can tell, HE was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, not the president.

  4. Osama was responsible for planning them and getting people to carry them out. But, there are two kinds of responsibility here. The President and the government were responsible for doing everything in their power to stop him. They failed. That’s the responsibility they should take. I’m not insinuating that the President or anyone else in the government had anything to do with planning or carrying out the attacks.

  5. Let me preamble this by saying I know I am full of crap. But I think the 9/11 commission and all it’s attendant grandstanding is really about iraq and the current state of the country. It’s not that he won’t apologize for brushing off the warning signs (all of us did), but because he won’t apologize for anything.
    You said it yourself–he won’t take responsibility for anything. If he apologized for something–it doesn’t have to be about 9/11, maybe he could apologize for treating our allies and the UN so poorly during the leadup to the Iraq war, for example–it might actually strengthen his image. Now he has turned into an all-or-nothing tug of war. It can’t be won.

  6. How come everybody just doesn’t up and admit that this shit is too big for everybody? Bush’s responsibility or clumsy avoidance is less interesting than his persistence in a fantasy that we have any control any more.
    The world is a car accident that never ends. Bush is an embarrassment but so is every other leader of every other party in every other nation.
    It can’t be done. A country cannot be run, managed or led by any person or group. It is not feasible to organize 250 million people, unless you can make 99% of them stay put.
    That said, maybe the only sensible thing to do is pretend like you can. (Me, I’m a fool.) And I suppose you have to try. (Me, I’m lazy.) What else is there to do? (We all have blogs…) We’re all just killing time, waiting for time to kill us. (Is that a country song?)

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