5 thoughts on “I’m Somebody!!”

  1. That prompted me to google for myself, and what do you know – i’m the first result. AND it suggests me if I search for “Steve Chipan” or “Steve Chipmen”.
    One of those results that isnt me lists Steve Chipman as having the alias “DJ Reyalto”. I like it. I wonder if the other me would mind me calling me that.
    “Hello, I’m Steve, but you may call me DJ Reyalto.”

  2. That minister guy can’t be OUR famous Kevin—I mean, really, check out the site! Would OUR Kevin has so many typos, not to mention the format? What is all of that flashing stuff going on? There is a slight resemblance, except that the hair is dark. Maybe it is the alter ego Judd coming back. And where did all those kids come from?

  3. I keep meaning to e-mail him, but I just never seem to get around to it. It would go something like: “Hi Kevin Lawver, I’m Kevin Lawver!” (a la Dave Gorman)

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