3 thoughts on “The Best Weekend Ever”

  1. I’ll add a hearty ME TOO to Tim’s comment. As I was reading the thought just kept running through my head “Wow, that’s why I signed up for this parenting gig!!” Our daughter is only 15 months old now, so we don’t get the full impact of taking her places yet. But, last week we took her to the zoo and it was just one of the greatest things ever to watch her gather in the world around her….
    How amazing would it be to see things for the first time all over again…
    Anyway, thanks for the great post Kevin, we’ll be tryin that pie SOON!!

  2. Why I signed up

    Here I am in India again and once again I am just overwhelmed by the poverty and misery I see, especially when it comes to the children I see on the street. Luckily, I decided to visit UltraNormal and read…

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