The Failure in Chief

This [Iraq] is a central part on the war on terror. They’re fighting us because they’re fighting freedom. — George W. Bush

Mr. President, Iraq would not be part of the war on terror if you hadn’t made it so. Your decision to invade was the best present anyone has ever given to Osama bin Laden. You turned Iraq into the center of the war on terror. If you hadn’t invaded, we would have the troops to use as leverage against Iran and North Korea. We would have the troops to find and nullify (ie: kill or capture) Osama bin Laden. We wouldn’t have lost over a thousand troops and turned the world against us. Saddam wasn’t a threat. Rice and Powell said so in 2001. Your own State Department and Intelligence agencies told you so.

You don’t deserve to be President. You don’t deserve to get 10% of the vote, much less have the support you have today. I hope you lose in a spectacular fashion.