Culture of Life?

I get to give my snide comment here. I just read my brother’s anti-Kerry diatribe, which reads like the RNC’s talking points. I have one thing to say. Even if all of those things are true, Kerry is still a better choice than Bush.

Why? Kerry lives in the real world, not some fantasy land of far right illusion and coddled fratboys.

Speaking of Bush, I was thinking this morning about how he goes on and on about “a culture of life”, as it relates to abortion. That’s all fine and good. But, does he really believe in a culture of life? Bush presided over more executions in his time as governor in Texas than any governor in history. He openly mocked Karla Faye Tucker before signing her death warrant. He started a war in Iraq, against a country that wasn’t a clear and present danger to us (Steve, all those biological weapons you’re talking about? They’re either scientific samples, debunked, or “lost” from before the first Gulf War – look it up). That war has cost almost 1100 coalition soldiers’ lives, 14,000 Iraqi lives (that’s the most cautious number, could be as high as 20,000), changed over 7,000 U.S. troops’ lives through injury, and injured tens of thousands of Iraqis, with no end in site, no strategy to win the peace, and no one willing to help out while Bush is still playing the cowboy. He’s also presided over the highest increase in children below the poverty line since those numbers have been tracked.

It seems to me that if Bush was really for a “culture of life”, he would worry a little more about those already living in this world that those about to come into it. Oh, and on abortion – abortions have actually gone up while Bush has been President.

So, Bush is a miserable failure on more than one front. He’s botched the war on terror. He’s botched his “culture of life”. How does this man deserve a second term?