8 thoughts on “So Much, And Yet Nothing”

  1. Kev, I know what you mean. Blogs, are inadequate confidants, therapists, or even diaries. But that can be a good thing, if it leads to a way to consider the issue sans details on the blog. Which might give a better perspective, though it fails to satisfy the need to just blurt.
    I’m even wary of discussing my mood or extra-curricular activities for fear of work-related analysis. This leads to the need for a dark blog.
    Have fun in Dublin. It’s great there.

  2. Let’s see… my parents read my blog, along with my in-laws, my wife, and all three siblings. Those three siblings also have blogs (however infrequently they may be updated). I know of several extended family members who read not only mine, but their blogs. I know of a dozen or so co-workers who read my blog. I’m not being paranoid, just careful.

  3. None, of my family has access to my blog. I added a blog to the family website, but nothing more. I still have to give some thought to what I want to say. I’m still nervous about my thoughts out there for the world. But you know, I still have my old trusty notebook. You know, pen and paper. Let’s you get it all out but still have some privacy!

  4. Well, you can always talk to me if you want. Send me an email or just call. And by the way, I’m pretty sure that comment about infrequently updated blogs was about me, wasn’t it? But that’s okay. I’m not offended. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go write in my blog.

  5. Rules are made to be broken. I don’t think it’s healthy to keep your thoughts all to your self (some of them, yes). Especially with what’s going on at work… how could you not seek the wisdom and wackiness of your Internet Pals?

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