5 thoughts on “S5 + Instiki = Happy Geek”

  1. according to
    it is written
    “Where do I put static files like images, stylesheets and javascripts?
    Static files should go in the public folder. It is best to put images in public/images, stylsheets in public/stylesheets and javascripts in public/javascripts. This will allow you to use the built-in Helpers more effectively. In your rhtml, the urlís would be relative to public. Thus itís /images/image.png not /public/images/images.png.”
    However I didn’t try yet. But I plan to do it.
    Great idea!!!

  2. Hmm… since you’re an Instiki fan and a Dreamhoster…
    Is there a way to run Instiki on Dreamhost using FastCgi? I mean – run it like a normal web service?

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