3 thoughts on “Redesign In Progress”

  1. Kevin, with all due respect, this colorscheme/ design makes my wisdom teeth emit a high-pitched scream.* Searching Flickr for photos tagged “orange” yields many with nice color mixes that you could extract as single colors–for example http://www.flickr.com/photos/sbmontana/48473/
    Or better yet, pay some wonderful artistic person (as Halley did) to create a blogging design scheme that reflects you!
    *Fortunately, my wisdom teeth were removed years ago.

  2. That’s why they make newsreaders, so you don’t have to look at my eeeevil colors. I may mute them at some point (especially the green… it’s a big pungent). But, I like ’em. I think when the other art gets added, it’ll mute things a bit.

  3. Hey, us old folks are supposed to fuss and say gack when we see something eeeevil. Have fun, go mad, just don’t get any orange tattoos without consulting your family….

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