3 thoughts on “Disconnects”

  1. I loved Sideways!
    And you are right – it would be wonderful if kids were taught a second language from K on. As for art and music – it is a crying shame how poorly those programs are funded.
    Take care.

  2. It doesn’t matter how many language programs you fund. Most kids barely have motivation to learn English, let alone another language. It’s all about the motivation. All that cool T.V., music and movies we tend to crank out, not to mention one of the bigger economies on the planet that serve as their motivation. They’ve got artsy films and, um, art, which is great stuff, but it just doesn’t have the mass appeal. Just thought I’d point out the issue has more to do with sociology and psychology than economics.

  3. Damn, the cynic in me wishes that kids in America could at least learn English in school, properly. Teaching other languages seems a bit over-ambitious, don’cha think?
    Hurrah for the continued dumbing down of America.

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