2 thoughts on “The Aristocrats”

  1. My white friends and I have a long-running game where they actively try to offend me with racial slurs and negative stereotypes. They can get pretty creative. Here’s a mild example.
    We’re coming out of IKEA with a new computer desk. You can’t wheel your cart to the car so I grab the box and throw it over my shoulder. Adam looks over at some other people fumbling their boxes into the car and he says… “I bet those guys are thinking, dammit honey why didn’t we bring our black guy? Now we have to carry all this stuff ourselves.”
    Scandalous, I know. But also undeniably hilarious. You’re right though. You have to be careful who you ask to play :)

  2. And don’t forget you also had access to a blue screen for that show. I believe you were the head. Oh, and medical students have their own version of that game, which is about the same only the vocabulary is more technical.

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