It Will Never End

That’s probably true of a lot of things. In this case, I’m talking about the sad, sad, saga of my ankle (first post, second post). I went to the doctor this morning, and the news isn’t good. It’s not as bad as it could have been, but it’s bad enough that I’m not happy.
There’s nothing wrong with my foot (that the MRI showed) other than the nickel sized piece of bone. But, since the boot hasn’t been helping, Doctor Sam isn’t confident that surgery is going to help. So, my options boil down to the following:
# Do nothing, ever, and just live with the pain.
# Wear the boot 24 hours a day for four weeks and see if the pain’s better. If it is, then we can be reasonably confident that the surgery will work.
# Have a “more serious” surgery that involves fusing the bones in my foot. This means nothing more physical than walking for the rest of my life.
We’re going with number 2. Four more weeks in the boot, and now I have to sleep in it. Walking around in it is bad enough. I need ice cream, and right now. Oh wait, I have to lose weight too (as if I didn’t know).
It’s been a really shitty summer… that looks like it’s going to carry over into a blustery crappy fall. Sorry, everybody!