Fess Up

I know there are some of you out there that started watching Veronica Mars over the summer. So, come on, post a reply and tell me what you thought.
At work one day, Kevin got an IM out of blue that read, “I am hooked on Veronica Mars and it is all your wife’s fault.” Hee.
I also got several members of my book club watching it. Yay!
I should be using my power for greater good though, like trying to change the NFL overtime rules (cuz they suck).
But Veronica Mars deserves to be the beneficiary of my power right now. Need some convincing?
* Logan in the closet during “Return of the Kane” was heartbreaking. The music was great, the editing and camera work were great, and his acting there was outstanding. I will never be able to hear “Ventura Highway” again without waiting for the belt.
* The Camelot kiss was The. Best. First. Kiss. EVER. Even though there was barely any dialog, you could tell what the two were thinking and feeling. I loved the sweeping camera work and the selection of the literal music. I also appreciated the awkwardness that followed. Very in character.
* The scene where Aaron beats Trina’s abusive boyfriend was brilliant. Fucking brilliant, in fact. The music selection was inspired. Aaron fought perfectly in character, like a guy who is used to having choreographed, pretend fights with props. Loved it! (I honestly think I scared Kevin after this scene because of how much I loved it.)