3 thoughts on “AOL Is Fun Again!”

  1. Kevin,
    You’re right, we’re doing more fun things. I don’t know if it is the places we’re in or more of this “Hey you guys are smart, you can do stuff besides mundane things”, but it’s getting to the point where work is fun to go to again!

  2. I’m happy for your enthusiasm for what you get to do at work! I remember it well. Keep bringing the giggles home with you so we can all share in the fun.

  3. Kev, congrats! You’re living the dream. 😉 Too bad AOL on this side of the Mississippi isn’t as groundbreaking or rewarding. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t suck, but, I sure ain’t workin on the coolest tech! How does one get involved with webdev at AOL anyway!!! hahahah
    The other guy who’s been here 11 years.

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