4 thoughts on “E-Mail Management Tip: Unread Messages Smart Mailbox”

  1. Some of us just don’t get that many emails. I don’t think I get 200 in a year, let alone in a day. I don’t even really need to sort it. At least that part of work is simple.

  2. Here’s a couple of my smart folders that I use at work to help corral emails:
    The “Weekly” catch-all:
    Receive day is this week | Include Sent Messages
    – I have threading turned on for this mailbox to get what is basically the Gmail full email thread feature in Mail
    The Flagged for Action:
    Captures any email I have flagged as a “actionable” email (using MailTags and Mail’s built-in flag feature) – this is a gathering area for anything that is related to projects I’m currently working on.
    The archive mailbox
    I use this to grab anything that’s older than 90 days. Every once in a while I go into here and archive everything to a separate mailbox to get it out of the way (but still searchable).

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