4 thoughts on “The boys”

  1. The BFG by Roald Dahl. He’s almost done with Danny the Champion of the World, and I got him James and the Giant Peach this morning. The kid reads too fast.

  2. That’s so exciting!! I’ve been waiting for him to hit this age, I love it when kids start to read. 😀 I’m so glad he likes it so much. I pulled out some books for him that I think he’d like, and I made a list of others that we can find for him at the library. First though, he’s gotta read The Little Prince. I’ve been thinking he’d love that book ever since we first started noticing how brilliant he is. :) What fun! He doesn’t read too fast, he reads just right. :)

  3. Funny how many of the experiences we have as parents are not so disimilar to those of other parents. BB, our oldest runs like a 1970s Timex. And since we live in a house instead of a field, she often runs in circles, or likes to be swung in circles. I created a game where we used my shirt as a type of leash and she will just go and go and go and go.
    Boy I hope GG is lazy like her dad….

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