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  1. I didn’t download it, cause I’d only screw it up and kill my computer in the process, but wow, that sounds like a really neat application of facial recognition. It’s like the future is here, man.

  2. Kevin,
    In order to add new face boxes to faces that were not found by the Image Organizer, you can do the following:
    a. View the image in Expanded mode. This can be achieved either by selecting the “Expanded View” button on the top of the application or by double clicking on the image containing the face.
    b. Select the “Add Face Box” button.
    This will produce a square face box in the center display window.
    c. Move the square face box over the face you wish to label.
    d. Resize the face box so that it covers the face (i.e., in a similar way to face boxes produced by the Image Organizer).
    e. Press the “Save Face” button.
    f. Label the newly added face.
    This can be accomplished either by using the drop down menu presented after right-clicking the face or by dragging and dropping the image to the appropriate folder in the “Faces” area.
    Note that face boxes that you create must be at least 25×25 in dimension. In addition, the Image Organizer will not allow you to add a face box if it overlaps another face box by 50% or more.
    Also note that this information is listed under #11 in the FAQ (which can be accessed with the Help Button).
    Hope this helps!

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