8 thoughts on “SxSW Interactive Recap”

  1. Mike Tremoulet is at the above address. Ann is at pixeldiva.co.uk. So great to meet you this week – much fun and much more good thoughts were shared. Keep in touch!

  2. one other thing. I’m working on a literary essay about collaborative storytelling. This is such a great case. BTW, you should have attended the lonelygirl15 panel on Sunday–they raised a lot of issues about extended storytelling. Check out the sxsw podcasts. I expect it will turn up there.

  3. P. Kermie is on my fireplace mantel right now, and I giggle a little bit every time I look at him. We went back to the store to buy another one, and all we could keep saying was, “Swine better have my money!”

  4. As always, it was a blast just hanging around with you, even if I didn’t talk anything techie with you at all. Your contribution to our panel was invaluable, even though I didn’t get to ask you the other question I wanted to (no time!). I’m a bit sorry I missed out on your table at Castle Hill, but at least I was able to get my (delicious!) dinner down. Thanks again!

  5. I know this is probably the wrong place to do this, but the ficlets site has me stymied. I’ve set up an account (my page) using OpenID (specifically, [myusername].myopenid.com), and now when I try to sign in I’m told “Ouch, that hurt”. I tried to send a message via the Ficlets site, but I need to sign in to do that. Kind of a catch-22.
    Feel free to delete this post, but I would like to know when I can sign in again. Thanks.

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