3 thoughts on “Canadian Music Day”

  1. Hey that’s awesome! Anything that helps keep Martin Tielli in whiskey and cigarettes is a-ok with me. I’d recommend the Rheostatics albums Melville and Whale Music as absolutely essential to your collection, though. I think they’re $10 each on zunior.com, which, by the way, offers lots of great Canuck goodness (Stars, Feist, New Pornographers, Rheos, etc.)

  2. If I were to have a Canadian Music day it would have to include Blue Rodeo and The Tragically Hip. (Who by the way pay props to the Rheostatics on their live disk, Live Between Us. Gordie starts the show by saying “This is for the Rheostatics…We’re all richer for having seen them tonite.”)
    If you’ve never spent any time with the The Hip, you should…one of the best live acts EVER.

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