2 thoughts on “TV Talk: Bitter-making moments”

  1. I think all of mine are related to how little patience the broadcast networks have with good shows. They move them around in the lineup, put them on months-long hiatuses and then drop them without reason or warning. It’s hard to get excited about anything on broadcast TV – because if it’s interesting at all, I can count on it being cancelled before I’m done with it.
    I think Deadwood‘s finale is the last big disappointment I can remember – mostly because I thought it was coming back, and it didn’t. Ditto with Carnivale. There was a great cliffhanger there, then… nothing.

  2. Actually, I loved that particular bit of “message” about Lane in Gilmore Girls. Of course the sex was horrible on her honeymoon. How could it be anything else than bad? The first time is painful and awkward, and that’s not what you want with the person that you are about to share your entire life with.
    My advice to Lane would be: Get the bad sex out of the way with a couple of frogs, than you can enjoy sex as it should be with your prince! :)

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