6 thoughts on “Brad Graham, The Third and the Seventh”

  1. “For someone I only see once a year, and talk to only a couple of times a year, Brad’s death at 41 is hitting me hard.”
    And that about sums it up. It’s very telling when someone you see so infrequently instantly makes you feel welcome the moment you meet again. Brad could do that every time and, like you, did it the first time I came to SXSW.

  2. We will all miss him. What a prince he is.
    I’m thinking an empty chair next to you at dinner this March. To illustrate that Brad is still there, even though we miss him terribly.

  3. I remember the year I had the priveledge of sitting at the Brad table at Kreate Kookies. Don’t think I ate much cos I was laughing so hard. I believe that was the year of B.A.P.

  4. I had been following Brad on Flikr and had I not lost your link for ficklets, I wouldn’t have known about his passing. I am so sorry. The world is at a loss now.

  5. I don’t think it is going to really sink in until we’re in Austin this year. I’m totally bringing Pimp Kermie with me. He still has chocolate on his pants from Brad’s vulgarities at Kevin’s dinner. sigh

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