I’m back, but still tired.

I’m back, but still tired. This parenting stuff is hard. BUT, Max and I
invented a new rowdy game last night. Before I tell you about it though,
I need to talk about Max for a just a minute. Wow, this kid is big and
strong for an 18-month old. We have this big sectional in the living
room (or, as I call it, the wrestling ring) with these bulky, 15 pound
cushions. Max likes to pick them up over his head and throw them over
the half-wall into the entry way. And he’s only 18 months old!! What am
I going to do when he’s 3 and can kick my butt?\
So, the new game. It’s called “The Big Pillow Game” (can you tell I came
up with the title?). Max takes a bed pillow, holds it over his head and
runs around sectional until he comes to me, and then throws the pillow
down on me, and falls on the pillow, making a human-pillow sandwich.
This is all lots and lots of fun, because there’s nothing better than
the laugh of an 18-month old boy. Nothing at all.

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