I miss the NFL. This

I miss the NFL. This is the time of year I get tired of watching baseball highlights on SportsCenter. I’m only kind of into the NBA playoffs this year because neither the Suns or Jazz are still in it. It’s been fun, but it’s not FOOTBALL!! I miss Chris Berman, Al Michaels, Dennis Miller, and even white bread Dan Fouts. I miss the whole thing. I miss the postgame interviews with guys who can’t seem to string sentances together or catch their breath. It’s GREAT!!

I even love pre-season. Actually, I almost like pre-season more than the regular season. That’s the time of year when you get to see everyone on your team. Everyone’s full of hope, and you get to watch all the young guys play for spots on the team. It’s great. Like last year, everyone in DC was enthralled with Chad Dukes. Other than having a great name, was just a bruiser. No one said he was Stephen Davis, but damned if we all didn’t want him to get the starters job for the month of September.

The Hall of Fame game can’t come soon enough…

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By Kevin Lawver

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