Here I am in Boston

Here I am in Boston at the ArsDigita headquarters playing on a Sun Ray
trying to rememeber all the urls in my bookmarks. The flight was fine.
Boston has royally crappy traffic. I thought DC was bad, but getting out
of the airport took FOREVER.\
The finalists, Kyle (the ArsDigita babysitter lady), and I went to the
Whitehead Lab, which is where they map the Human Genome. It was an
eye-opening experience. Why, you may ask? Because I got to see geeks of
a different color! I realized again that there are geeks all over, and
we all wear the same clothes and are as passionate about what we do.
It’s pretty cool to see that “geek” translates to other industries.\
We’re waiting for the pizza… and I’m starving.\
Heather‘s downstairs talking to
CNN about the whole boycot thing, and well, that’s pretty freaking
Ok, off for now… Will post more when I have something to say.

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