What a great game!

What a great game! The Evil Lakers lost! Aaaahhh. As a long-time Phoenix Suns, Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs fan, all I can say is FINALLY! Sheesh. If I had to see one more happy fake hug between Shaq and Kobe, I was going to puke. I’m tired of Phil Jackson and his constant cheap attempted manipulations (of players, media, officials, you name it). I’m tired of the make-nice story of Shaq and Kobe (you mean, if we kiss and make up we’ll win? Thanks, ZenMaster Phil!). I’m glad the Sixers won. I was no great fan of Allen Iverson, and I’m still not. But, wow, to watch him go into the paint against a guy who really is twice his size and MAKE the shot is just amazing.

Which brings me to my next point. This is one of those Karmic things about sports, any sport. When your team goes out, root for the underdog. Everyone was saying that the Lakers would sweep and then the D word would come up (dynasty for the uninitiated). But now, there’s actually a reason to watch! GO SIXERS!! And pay attention, because that’s probably the last time I’ll ever say that.

On a totally unrelated note, Elvis Costello is on Letterman tonight. Painted from Memory is one of my favorite songs ever. It’s heart-breakingly simple in its message and artful in execution. Just a painful song, and I love that in my music. Why do you think I like Morphine so much? (and if you like Elvis’s version of the song, check out Cassandra Wilson’s on The Sweetest Punch).

Ok, one more. Max is feeling better!! I got up with him this morning and we played and he laughed which hasn’t happened in WEEKS!! And just in time for Grandma Connie’s visit. YES!

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By Kevin Lawver

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