Max is too funny. We

Max is too funny. We went to Strathmore Hall in Rockville yesterday for this silly radio station “Christmas in July” thing. They said it was “free” and there would be lots of “snow”. There was barely enough snow for their little sledding thing (with an hour wait). So, we went wandering the grounds, chasing Max. Max decided it was fun to run in a straight line as fast as his little legs would carry him laughing the whole way.

The best part was the hill. We found this short but steep little hill covered in grass next to the path and decided that rolling down it would be a good idea. Boy, was it! Max loved it. He rolled and rolled and rolled until he finally got pooped. We got a great shot of him sitting at the bottom of the hill looking completely worn out.

The only bad part of the day was coming home to find our A/C had died. Yuck!!! Now, we have to call some repair guy to come fix it and charge us a million dollars to do it just do we can be comfortable. Home ownership is sooooooooo nice.

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