I’m an active blogger today…

I’m an active blogger today… but we’re all waiting around for the ax to fall, and who wants to work on something when you could get escorted out of the building at any minute? Here’s random thought of the day #3:

My wife is a college graduate with a degree in political science. This means she gives bad news very well. She can also get me to agree with her on just about anything. Recently, she let me in on a little secret that she probably shouldn’t have told me. If she doesn’t agree with something I say, she’ll say, “I don’t know what I think about that…”. The ellipses is intentional because she trails off at the end and waits for me to change my mind, which, because I’m a man and not a political scientist, I usually do. The funniest part is, now that I know about the trick, you’d think that I’d see it coming. Nope! She pulls it on me all the time and I still fall for it… what does that say about me?

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By Kevin Lawver

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