It’s in the darkest times

To that end, I’m going to try not to say anything more about the current situation. I hope and pray that survivors will be found in both the Pentagon and Trade Centers. I hope and pray that whoever did this is brought to justice and survives to stand trial.

Now is not the time for chest-thumping and vows of revenge. It is time for calm heads and still hands to make sure that rescues are undertaken safely and speedily; that investigations are conducted correctly and effectively; and that everyone try to heal, recover and put things back together as much as possible.

What impressed me most yesterday were the reactions of people. To me, the most impressive public figure yesterday was Mayor Giuliani. In the face of thousands of casualties and horrific damage, he looked steeled, calm and business-like. It was an amazing thing to watch every time they showed him. It was a striking contrast to some of the other inflamed rhetoric shown.

Ok, that’s it. It may be quiet here for a couple days. Good luck and take it easy.

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By Kevin Lawver

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