I’ve been watching the Open

I’ve been watching the Open Brackets | Textism romance from afar for a couple months now, and it’s just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s great to see the sloppy-romantic-fresh-love stuff from both points of view and watch as he moved to France. It’s like a serial romance in three paragraph entries with (I’m sure) lots of information left out. It’s just sweet and pure and beautiful. I hope it lasts for them. They’re both great writers, and from what I’ve read by them, swell folk.

Again, this brings me back to my curiosity about the whole bloggy-thing we’ve got going on now. After watching the Kaycee Nicole thing explode recently, and tons of BBS, e-mail explosions in the distant past, the power of the communal internet (you know, the non-selling crap part) continues to amaze me.

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