Three Post Night

It was weekly, couple-with-a-toddler weekend movie night. We had one hit, one miss this time. We’ll start with the miss.

15 Minutes: Avoid this piece of crap like the plague. If you have to watch it, watch the first 45 minutes, stop the movie, and finish the movie in your head. It will be a million times better than the crap that follows in the second half of this lame movie. The concept of the movie is great and full of possibilities, but the director has no idea how to pull off the ending, so he goes back to his Die Hard: How to Make a Movie manual, written by Michael Bay and Jan de Bont. Aside from implausible, it was just stupid. Ok, enough, it’s almost Sunday and I don’t want to start swearing. Last word: a terrible waste of a good concept and a great cast.

And now the good…

The Gift: Sam Raimi strikes again. I loved A Simple Plan. This movie was great. Unlike the stinker, this movie has a great concept, cast and pulls it off in a way that stays true to the premise. This is an excellent supernatural thriller without relying on gore or crap sarcasm to pull it off. It’s serious psychological horror, and is just excellent. 4 stars, definitely.

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