I take it back. The

I take it back. The world’s not large enough for this. Go get ’em. America has a lot of things it could have done better over the years, and things it should atone for. Support for Israel and the embargo on Iraq aren’t two of them. Interning Japanese Americans during WW2, getting into the war too late to stop the slaughter of millions of Jews, some of our choices in Presidents have been less than stellar, and that’s just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. All in all, though, we’ve done pretty damn good. We’ve led the way in civil rights, medical, scientific and technological development, political theory and government. We help other countries by giving them “loans” we know they’ll never pay back. Now, a bunch of uneducated, insane, deluded madmen think they’re going to bring us down? Oh yeah, that’ll happen. The British Empire couldn’t do it back when we were a bunch of nobodies. Hitler and Japan couldn’t do it. If you think a bunch of zealots who can’t afford their own weapons and resort to stealing our infrastructure to kill people is going to keep us from wiping you off the face of the earth, you have another thing coming.\
I keep thinking of the images of outraged Arabs throwing stones at American Embassies. Just a thought, but you can’t throw rocks that high. We’ve got planes with bombs, lots of planes, and lots of bombs. We made them a long time ago for an enemy that doesn’t exist anymore. Now, we have a reason to use them. So, let’s dust off those giant 500 pound gravity bombs and go to work.\
I’m not advocating killing innocent people. I dig Islam, always have. I’ve had lots of Muslim friends through the years. But, I feel about Muslim extremists, the way I feel about the Christian loonies who kill abortion doctors. They should be put down. Plain and simple. Don’t use God as your excuse for murder and genocide.\
I don’t know why this makes me so angry. I’ve been thoughtful and tried to stay temperate through this whole thing. But, every day, I hear some other crazy quote from Taliban/al Queda and it just pisses me off. My grandfather used to say, “Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.” That’s what this feels like. Who’s dumb enough to be convinced by the drivel and insanity they’re spewing? Apparently, lots of people….