Impressions Do you do voices?

Do you do voices? I do. I do them all the time. When I was in 2nd grade, I didn’t know what my own voice sounded like because I was always doing an impression of someone. I thankfully got over that, but am still able to call on a cast of characters in the right situation. Mostly, these voices only come out to entertain my wife and/or family. But, they do come in useful at work (well, some of them). Here’s a small sampling:

  • Chinese Guy: This is a horrible one. It’s stereotypical and awful, but funny as hell. ChinaMan is the guy who tells you all the bad news in Chinese Takeout double entrendre.

  • 7 Degress of Redneck: I’ve lived all over the South and have picked up a ton of different Southern accents. There’s the gentile Southern Gentleman and his Wife, the Georgia cracker, Mississippi Redneck and Texas Roughneck. They’re good for “Hey, I’m a stupid guy.” bits (see, told you these were bad).

  • Velvet Jones: Eddie Murphy’s pimp character from the old SNL is awesome. It’s even better when used in tandem with…

  • Bill Murray from Caddyshack: This is my favorite when I have to explain something highly technical to a non-technical person. I start rambling in complete techno-babble in this voice until their head explodes and they leave me alone.

There are more, but now my head’s about to explode…