Blissful Domesticity

We made cookies last night. Yes, I know! It was so completely fun and domestic that I almost crapped myself in the total Normal Rockwellian joy it produced. I didn’t even get mad when, mid-cookie mixing, our mixer decided that randomly ejected the blades was a good idea. I wasn’t annowed that I had to make a 7pm run to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get a new mixer (I was going to go to Target, but BB&B is closer, and I remembered as I saw the sign that mixers are included in the “Beyond”). We made orange juice/coconut/hershey kiss cookies, thanks to a recipe from Penny. We completed a first pass at my aunt’s famous pecan “little white balls” which turned into pecan sandies thanks to my lax rolling o’ the dough (They’re still good, just not “ballsy”). Jen made fudge, and cut and bake chocolate chip. Then, at 10:45 last night, after I went over to my fam’s to get cinnamon and play pool on dad’s Christmas present, we made Pineapple Walnut Drops that turned into Pineapple Walnut Pancakes (but again, still yummy).

We listened to Ska, danced, let Max play in the pan cupboard, and had a great time. I think we’ll have cookie night every week.

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By Kevin Lawver

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