So, I’m sitting here at

So, I’m sitting here at my desk at work on a Saturday aftenoon. Why, you ask? Well, I forgot to bring the directions to the party home last night, and now I’m burning a couple CDs for the car trip to the party. I never realized how cool having a 100 CD-R’s, iTunes and a brand new G4 could be. I think I’ve burned 10-15 mix cd’s in the past two months, three or four Linux ISOs (that’s free software, baby…), and two backups CDs of all my project files. How cool is that?

I shaved off my beard last night as part of our “Beauty Night”. It was Jen’s idea. I shaved off my beard (thank you, beard clippers!). We did facials and had a Loofa Bath Party, where Jen hot-oil conditioned my hair. Then, we moisturized and went downstairs to watch Once and Again. I feel so pretty.

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