I’ve been listening to Feelings

I’ve been listening to Feelings almost non-stop for the past 36 hours (when not sleeping or doing something else). It’s an amazing album. The more I listen to it, the better it gets. I was a huge Talking Heads fan, but David Byrne always seemed to be fighting his voice on those albums. He was trying to corral it into something it wasn’t. I don’t own the albums he did between Rei Momo and this one (a problem that will shortly be rectified), but this album really shows off his voice. He’s not straining against it, and doing some amazing things. It’s gorgeous. Also, his choice of instruments, and layering of textures is sublime. The Balanescu Quartet provides haunting strings on several songs, my favorite being Burnt by the Sun and Finite (Alright).

His lyrics on this album are also a point of praise. Both songs mentioned above are beautiful stories in themselves. He matches music to lyrics so well.

What am I saying? Go out and buy it! Even if you hate his old stuff, this is well beyond anything he did with Talking Heads, and I know you’ll hate me for this, but it’s even better than Rei Momo.

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By Kevin Lawver

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