In the land of not-caring

I used to love the Oscars. I used to watch the whole show and savor every award. I was an Oscar junkie. Now? We watched the first thirty minutes, Six Feet Under, then another half-hour of the show before going to bed. I was unimpressed. With all the class Steve Martin had last year, Whoopie was the complete opposite. She’s just not funny anymore. Time for new blood. I think they should get someone younger, like Jon Stewart, or hey, let’s go out on a limb and get Jack Black to host the Oscar. The opening musical number, that was lacking this year, would be really interesting if Tenacious D did it.

I think I just don’t care that much anymore. I didn’t see most of the movies nominated. I’m so out of the loop. But hey, I think that’s OK. After Tom Cruise’s If we don’t go to see movies, the terrorists have already won speech, maybe I really don’t want to go support them. Anyone for Iron Chef?

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By Kevin Lawver

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