Max counted to one hundred

Max counted to one hundred last night. He’s two and a half and counted to a hundred. He needed some help after thirty. He got to thirty-nine and then looked at me. I said “forty” and then he promptly moved on to forty-nine, at which point I said, “fifty” and so on until we got to one hundred. At that point, we clapped and he shouted, “The end!”, like one hundred is the biggest number he’ll ever need to count to.

Jen’s started leaving Max’s door open a crack at night, and then leaving our door open a crack as well so Max can come in after he wakes up in the morning. I think the shower woke him up this morning because when I got out, there was Max, laying on his lamb on the bed in his Batman pajamas. He smiled his sleepy smile and said quietly, “Hi, daddy” and then layed back down. He is so cute, it makes me want to cry.

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By Kevin Lawver

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