They’re back! They’re back! I

I made it to BWI in record time (75 minutes), waited around in a terminal chock full of people waiting to go somewhere exotic. They were all wearing clothes too big or too small, and there were several large women in their Sunday best. Everyone spoke different languages and it was kind of fun waiting around for 45 minutes listening to all the conversations.

They finally appeared and… it was great. We rushed down baggage claim and waited for the bags to show up. Max now knows “big” and “little” and pointed out all the “little o’s” and “big o’s” on our SmartCarte. We piled into the car and headed home, which we made in about an hour (amazing, ain’t it, when you consider our first trip to the airport).

Max was so happy to be home. He jumped his big jumps, made “Max’s House” with the couch cushions and was his normal happy, adorable little self. The best part is that he learned new words like rascal, hiyakka, patui, etc. Grandma Lang also taught him some songs! We sang Twinkle, Twinkle on the way home and he knows all the words. For Max, a song is more like a Spalding Gray monologue, but it’s still really funny.

I wanted to take today off… but here I am.

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By Kevin Lawver

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