I wish this was a

I wish this was a joke. Apparently, it’s not. To save you the trouble of actually reading the article, “Doctor” Paley asserts that Macintosh OS X is of the devil because the codename for the software was Darwin, which is based on FreeBSD.

He also asserts that Open Source is the same as Communism. What Mr. Uninformed probably didn’t realize is that the webserver running to serve out his rant is Apache, an Open Source project. I keep forgetting that people like this exist in the world. They give Christianity a bad name, and make me ill.

If I didn’t feel so crappy, I’d go on. But, I feel crappy (which I know I just said), so I’m going to try to do my work, not think about “Doctor” Paley and his lunacy, and keep using my Godless Communist software.

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By Kevin Lawver

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