The Big Roundup – Part

The Big Roundup – Part One
Friday Night
Jen and I went to see No Doubt at the Charles E. Smith Center on
the GW campus. We took a bus from the Park and Ride in Herndon, and then
the Metro to Foggy Bottom. It was a surprisingly easy trip, and we got
in and found our seats at 8 sharp (like I had planned it that way or
something – of course I hadn’t). The people watching was amazing. We
were three rows up from the main thoroughfare to the floor seats and we
got a good look at pretty much everyone in attendance. They all filed
past at one point or another. The audience broke down like so:

  • 65% MTV TRL Pre-teen – 25 year-old girls, all with Destiny’s Child
    single strap tops or variations on the belly shirt. After a while, it
    became crystal clear that there are people in this world who were meant
    to wear these shirts, and those who weren’t. 90% of the people wearing
    them shouldn’t have been.

  • 20% Frat Boys of various clothing schemes, mostly checking out the 65%
    listed above

  • 5% Parents of the pre-teen audience

  • 10% Old-School No Doubt fans aging from mid-20’s up to
    mid-fifites (maybe older). This was the group we were in.

The opening act, The Fate, was horrible. They want so much to be
Rock Stars and fail completely. They have every rock band cliche. They
have the Jim Morrison / Robert Smith wannabe frontman saying stupid
things in ridiculous poses trying to make everyone think he’s sexy. You
have the guitar playing flinging his floppy hair like one of the
Ramone’s third cousins, and the keyboardist dry humping his instruments
every time is has to play one of his three chords. They were not well
received. Jen summed it up best, “Why didn’t they get a good old school
ska band to open for them?”

Thankfully, No Doubt came out later and took care of the rocking.
They were amazing. I’d never seen them before, and was never a really
big fan before this. They put on an amazing show. Gwen Stefani is a god.
She has the whole “I’m sexy, but can rock” thing to the next level. She
has bravado and power and testosterone and blew everyone away. She and
the rest of the band really know how to get an audience moving. It was
great to watch.

I had a great time at the show, and am looking for other concerts we can
go to this summer. I forgot how much fun live music is (duh, I know).

The trip home was… eventful. We missed the last bus back to the park
and ride and ended up waiting at the bus stop for over an hour (putting
us a about 12:30am on a Friday in downtown DC) for a bus going the wrong
way. We ended up paying \$40 for a cab ride back to our car. Next time,
we drive in.

I’ll update the rest of the weekend and this week later… I’m starting
to fall asleep.

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