I just like the word. I’m not really. I’m not even sorry that I haven’t been posting. I’ve been steadily busy on a host of important projects and thinking about a redesign. If my scanner was plugged in, I’d post some doodles. I’m thinking of abandoning my stolen spaceman and doing my own. Astronauts with pointed sticks are a ton of fun to draw, and I’m trying to find the right mix of POW and whimsy while retaining the general look of my current spaceman. All of those goals combined with my under-used drawing skills will make for an interesting combination. Maybe I’ll let Max design it.

I think I’ve hit my stride again. I’m not stressed out, even though the workload is pretty crazy. I’m just chugging along turning out some really good stuff. I’ve written my first real API for public consumption, a ton of frontends for a myriad of products and basically kicked a lot of ass in the past two weeks. I fit in nicely in my little group up here on the fourth floor, in my poffice with a door.

No Segue, just news… And now on to Max and his amazingness. This week, he wrote Jen a birthday card that actually said “Happy Birthday, Mommy”. I’m not sure how much help he had with it from Grandma, but he’s getting really good with his letters and numbers. He writes the 5 – 10 words he knows over and over again, just for fun. He’ll sit down and go through a legal pad writing out numbers and letters in different colors, as happy as he could be. It’s fun to watch.

Max has also started making up games. His current is the Oh no, I’m falling… aaaaaahhh game. He’ll take all the cushions off the couch and put them on the floor around the couch. Then, he’ll sit or stand on the couch and in a high pitched voice (higher pitched than normal anyway) will start going on and on about how he’s falling, oh no, and then go “aaaaaahh” and roll off the couch on to the cushions. It’s all very entertaining.

To wrap up, life is good. Now, back to work.

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By Kevin Lawver

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