She Speaks Again!! Kev has

She Speaks Again!!
Kev has offered to set up a website of my very own. Nice of him, huh? Personally though, I think it is because he doesn’t want to share his groovy ‘fighting spacemen” with me. And what if nobody goes to my site? Kev already gets tons of traffic, so I would have a ready-made audience for my Max stories (like how he can spell zebra and book, among others) and for my life-as-a-housewife commentary. Ahh well, Kev said he would show me to my own site tonight… So, this is Jen signing off.\

Editor’s Note: I’m under the weather, so it may be a couple days till Jen’s site gets set up. But, it will happen shortly!!! And I don’t get “tons” of traffic. 50 unique visitors a day does not mean a “ton”.

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