My post about the whole

My post about the whole CIA thing yesterday was a little disjointed, mostly because I was upset about work, and just couldn’t handle any more bad news. I need to go back and read 1984, but doesn’t this all strike you as being vaguely familiar? Jen and I went and saw Sum of All Fears on Saturday. The movie made me angry. I couldn’t suspend my disbelief enough to think that a president would fold under the pressure so quickly and go nuclear (or as GW says, nucular) without at least first getting communication with the folks on the ground and figuring out what was going on.

And then, I read that George W. Bush has signed an executive order making it clear he wants to “remove” a head of state. I didn’t think you needed an executive order for that sort of thing, especially if the CIA is going to be carrying it out. It just seems like a plot point in a bad Tom Clancy book, or even worse, a bad Tom Clancy movie.

By Kevin Lawver

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