Does This Make Kieth a Terrorist, GW?

I guess the shine is off then, huh? I didn’t vote for him. I voted for Ralph Nader because I couldn’t stomach voting for either Gore or Bush. I’m constantly amazed at the fumblings of this administration. It just gets worse and worse, and I don’t see it getting better. From Bush’s constant manglings of the language to the whole secret Energy Commission to now all of the questions about Business Deals and our constant goofups in international affairs, I’ve just lost hope that the administration can really get it together enough to do anything worthwhile.

If I really wanted to get into it, it would be really depressing. For all of the bad things you can say about Clinton, he was never this bad. Maybe the healthcare thing at the beginning, but outside of personal problems, and his sexual harrassment (Monica, it wasn’t personal. He was her boss, and he did “favors” for her to keep her quiet about their affair. That’s sexual harrassment and unfair to all the other interns who worked there) stuff, he was a great administrator and leader. When he talked, people on the global stage listened. Now, they snicker.

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By Kevin Lawver

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