We had a big combined

We had a big combined birthday party for my mom, and my in-laws. Their
birthdays are all in the first week of July so we decided to have a big
dinner. We ended up talking about politics (it was all my fault). With a
fun cross-section of political reasoning at the table it was lively to
say the least. It was mostly presidential with my mom bringing up
anti-Clinton stuff, my father-in-law defending him where possible, and
me playing devil’s advocate. I ended up realizing (thanks to my
mother-in-law) and we kept bringing up examples of the same kind of
behavior for both Clinton and Bush Jr, just different situations. I
think I’ve figured it out. By the time you get to be President, you’re
beholden to certain parties who helped you get there. For Bush, those
interests involve huge energy and oil companies like Enron and the
defense industry, which explains some of the problems he’s had with his
top secret energy taskforce.\
It’s depressing that politics is dirty. Maybe dirty is too strong a
word, but it definitely has the appearance of payback, unethical
behavior and being sold to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, I don’t
see any hope on the horizon. There is no idealistic third party with
enough organization, money or good ideas to provide an alternative. What
do we do?

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