Bittersweet Motel

I’m sitting here watching Bittersweet Motel waiting for Sunday Night Football to come on, and my headache to leave. It’s the Phish concert movie. It has some really funny interviews with the band and live and (odd) other versions of the songs from my favorite album: Billy Breathes. It’s an interesting portrait of the band. They’re all so New England quirky (as opposed to Southern Quirky… sorry, this is a stupid line, but I’m too tired to backspace).

The band is releasing a lot of their live shows on CD this fall, most importantly, the Halloween shows where they pick another band’s album to cover. I really want to hear their cover of The White Album and Remain in the Light by the Talking Heads. Hear that folks? Good Christmas present ideas… or Hannukah or Thanksgiving even.

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By Kevin Lawver

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