::COUGH:: Oh Look! Red And Green. It Must Be Christmas!

It says something, I’m not sure what, that I refuse to get sick during the week. I have been miserable all weekend, coughing up lung monkeys, blowing my nose and finding rubber cement in the kleenex and feeling just horrible. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning to get some drugs and hopefully head off the pneumonia I need to get every year. I skipped it last year, thankfully, but it seems to have caught up to me.

Tomorrow, a huge project goes to QA, and I have to be there. Why? Because it’s mine? Because I don’t trust anyone else to get it there? That’s not true, because I know there are guys on my team who can get it done. But, I’ll be there after the doctor’s, coughing, CVS’ing things, and doing my job. I’m nuts, I know…

By Kevin Lawver

Web developer, Software Engineer @ Gusto, Co-founder @ TechSAV, husband, father, aspiring social capitalist and troublemaker.