It’s Dead, Kev

It is a sad day in LawverLand. Not only are Jen and Max still out of
town, but my lovely Powerbook has died. It refuses to start up, and
emits four tones before deciding not to do anything. According to Apple,
it means the RAM or Boot ROM is dead…. which means I either get new
RAM or a new Machine. Thankfully, work bought it, and there’s an outside
chance I’ll get a brand new 867/Superdrive model instead of the 550 I
currently have.

The mortal wounds inflicted on the Powerbook (by an unseen force,
because I didn’t do anything to it) mean no pictures for now.
Hopefully, the hard drive’s OK and they can all be recovered. All
applicable appendages are crossed.

In other news, I’m still sick, but working anyway. It’s next to
impossible to think clearly when my sinuses are swelling in all
directions. Yum, yum, yum… post-nasal drip.

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